Cross Cafe 90th birthday

Saturday, 14th September, was one of those special days. Anabel and John came for us at 10.30 am and we set off for Kilmacolm, where we met up with Annabel, my wee sister. A visit to the village is a treat any time but this was for a memorable occasion. As we drove down the Bridge of Weir Road to the Cross we were delighted to see a large assembly of people around the Cross Café, some sitting at tables and others standing about, including lots of children. To add to the colourful festivity the sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm. This was the 90th Anniversary of the day when Benedetto and Carmela Pignatelli first opened the café. On our last visit Johanna told us about the party and kindly sent us an invitation. I gather she and Alda had envisaged a small gathering, but it seemed to snowball so they decided to make it a fund-raising event. They had lost a close friend, Laura Matteo, who had suffered from MS and nominated that Society to benefit. Two cousins from the US and Italy came for the occasion which made it even more special for them. We had a cup of coffee and then a small glass of bubbly with chocolate nibbles which we all enjoyed. We had an ice-cream cone later on, which was still the best. It was a very happy occasion. Alda and Johanna have run the business successfully for about 25 years now. It isn’t surprising that they might like to be able to have holidays and free time for themselves. Whenever it happens, I wish them a long and happy retirement and thank them for their devotion to their grandparents and parents legacy.

Just an afterthought, my first visit to the Café was probably in 1930 so I could be one of their oldest customers!


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