Nearly there! The show of presents

John receiving a gift of cutlery

John receiving a gift of cutlery

The last few weeks before the wedding were busy! John came down from the North East laden with gifts from friends in both Findochty and Cullen Churches. I can’t remember if he made more than one trip or sent his trunk in advance. One present was heavy: a beautiful wooden case of cutlery from Cullen Church, which still sits on the sideboard and has been well used over the years. Some gifts were breakable but all arrived safely. He did a good job with the packing.

There were no request lists for people to tick or order online. Apart from things like tablecloths and bed linen, all of which we needed and appreciated, we only had one duplicate gift which I still use quite often. It was a Prestige Whisk with a handle to make the blades fairly whizz round! It is still in perfect working order after 59 years. I gave the duplicate to Mum and for all I know it is still in somebody’s kitchen working away!

I had left the Bank at the end of June and the staff and some of the customers also gave me nice gifts, including some in cash which went towards our first washing machine. Annabel had similar gifts from her branch. We had the ‘Show of Presents’ which was the custom then. For three evenings, it was open house with cups of tea and cake. Then it was all packed away. We wrote to everybody who gave us gifts thanking them, which kept us pretty busy.

The only thing about the actual wedding that worried me was – how would John and I get on with the first two dances? The waltz wasn’t so bad, and my long dress would disguise all the faulty moves I made, but the second dance would be with Jim and John with Annabel. Anyway, for several evenings Jim tried to teach me the quickstep. Poor Jim, I must have been a real trial to him! I never did get the hang of it, and nor did John. However, Annabel and Jim did their best with us on the day and nobody actually fell over! A country walk was more to our taste, but Jim and Annabel were a joy to behold when dancing.

Next time: The Wedding of the Year!


5 thoughts on “Nearly there! The show of presents

  1. I had no idea about the show the presents. My mum and dad never mentioned it but it is perfectly possible. Mum and dad were given a pressure cooker which memorably exploded in about 1975. Since her mother’s was still in use having been bought in the late 30s I believe, mum was really annoyed to have had something so shoddy as to only last 23 years!


    • We were given a pressure cooker in 1981 and only threw it out a few years ago when we had the kitchen redone. (Too battered so it no longer fitted the required aesthetic standards.) It doesn’t seem that long since the show of presents was a thing here so maybe it was just Scottish.

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    • We really did it in style then! Personally I never trusted pressure cookers, afraid it might explode!! Your Mum was a brave woman! Thanks for your interest, I like hearing about folk who were young when I was.

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  2. We too had a show of wedding presents maybe because we live in the North of the UK, & near to Scotland..I remember we received lots of glass fruit sets,mainly because a friend from church owned a China shop.He had just received a shipment of these glass fruit sets, so all our church friends thought they were a good present to give..Being married in 1948,things were still in short supply.after the war…However our friends did well selling the goods .There was no such thing as wedding lists then.We were always pleased & thankful for any gifts we were given?We also sent Thank You notes to everyone who remembered us, Love & prayers Marionxx


  3. MArion, Our lives seem to have so many connections and I’m delighted to have a contemporary who has had the same experiences.and can relate to them..


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