Annabel and Jim

Anabel and Jim with Mum and Dad in George Square

Anabel and Jim with Mum and Dad in George Square (1958)

When Annabel and Jim came back from Paris they had no flat to move into. This was in spite of Annabel ringing Morison & Harper, House Factors, every morning at 9am when she arrived at the Bank. She did that for some months before the wedding with no result, so they stayed with Mum and Dad at George Square for about 3 months. After a bit, a friend told her about a flat to rent in one of the side streets off the main street and she arranged to go and see the elderly man who advertised it. He lived in a large house on the Esplanade. The housekeeper took her in and Annabel said she would like to rent his flat. However, the very kindly old chap said to her, ‘That flat’s no for you, lassie.’ It turned out that it was in a rather downtrodden tenement and he considered it unsuitable for a bonnie young newly-wed lass. So they parted amicably.

Eventually they heard that the Solicitor/Factors Allan and Clapperton, whose office was across the road from the Bank, had a flat to let in Nelson Street just a few minutes away from George Square. She and Jim looked at it. It was just what they wanted and was fully furnished. Jim’s parents were giving them a G Plan dining suite, but fortunately had delayed purchasing it until the couple had a place of their own to put it in, so it was still on hold. The flat belonged to a woman who had sold a large house and gone to America. She bought the flat and furnished it with lovely stuff that she wanted to keep. There was a bed recess in the kitchen so a lot of it was put ‘in store’ there and curtained off to make space for other wedding gifts, e.g. the G Plan rocking chair John and I gave them. They had a party between Christmas and the New Year for the parents, bridesmaids, etc – all who were able to be there. John and I came up for our first visit home and we all had a great night.

 Later, they got a rented flat of their own in Belville Street, a room and kitchen. The flat needed a lot done to it. However, Jim, Tommy (his Dad) and Percy (our Dad) were all very handy and willing. They put in two modern fireplaces, a new sink, laid carpets and lino and I guess the two Mums did a lot of scrubbing and polishing. It was papered and painted. The entrance hall was very tiny and they had a blue carpet there. Everybody had brown doors but Annabel said theirs was to be blue. I would like to think she set a trend and revolutionised tenement flat front doors! In the end it was a lovely comfortable little home and they were very happy with it.

Will be continued another day!



One thought on “Annabel and Jim

  1. Dear Chris,
    I havent answered your last email yet,but I will as soon as I can..We have had a very busy time at Cockerton Methodist Church,celebrating 140th church Anniversary,which I will tell you about later.I have really enjoyed your blog,it has brought so many happy memories back of my life,wedding,honeymoon,first home,& family..Did John (& you) spend all his ministry in Northumberland? You were there when we joined the 1981..Looking at your blog,I wish I had done one,if only for Anne..She always wanted Fred to write his life story,(Only for me dad),but it never happened,Fred was always too busy,then he got too old,& sick..It would be too much for me to start one now,like Fred I am too old..Love & prayers,Marion xx


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