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Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

When our elder daughter, Anabel, asked me if I would allow her to offer some of our old family photographs to the Glasgow University project  A History of Working Class Marriage I was happy to do so. I gave her the wedding photographs of my Mum and Dad and two of my aunts which now appear on the project’s Photos, love letters and diaries page. Later, Anabel also sent in one of the Stroud girls’ double wedding in 1956, when I married John Mitchell and my sister, Annabel, married Jim McInnes. This led to a fair bit of reminiscing on my part, which led Anabel to say that I should be writing it all down – it was social history. I thought about all the things I wish I’d asked my grandparents and parents about their lives, but never did. So I began to tell my story. In a recent conversation with my sister we agreed that we had an idyllic childhood in which our Grandparents and the Bridgend Toll House at Kilmacolm played a huge part. It was the hub of the family where we could be confident of a loving welcome from John and Janet. I chose to write first about my mother’s side of our family then went on to my father’s family, who came to Scotland from Woolwich in 1910, and am now chronicling my own life.

I wasn’t too keen on having a blog but persuasion brought me round. I’m enjoying doing it and surprised at how many memories are rising to the surface of my mind. My regret is that I didn’t do it when some of the earlier generation were still around, but that’s life! My computer skills are few and organising a blog would try them severely. Fortunately the said Anabel has done all the hard bits (as she had already done for her Dad) and she and Elspeth, our younger daughter, have encouraged us greatly.

Looking back on my life, it was always sunny (but we all had wellies just in case!)


10 thoughts on “About Chris Mitchell

  1. Thanks for the blog. My mother Sheila Stevenson was very interested to hear about it and I will get her to read it soon. She is in the 1934 school photo on your page.


  2. Pleased to hear from you Brian. Your Mum and I were friends at school and my sister Annabel and Marjorie (Dodo) were pals also. They are on the list for a mention on a future blog. Also my husband John was an apprentice at Hastie’s along with Stevie, your Dad. Give best wishes to Sheila. Regards, Chris M.


  3. Hello Mrs Mitchell ,
    I enjoyed reading your Blog , especially so as I started Redby School on the same day as your Daughter Annnabel and can definitely remember her from such an early age . I am shown on the Infants School photograph 4th from the left ( front row ) and my name is Mike King , I still have the same photo and it brings back so many memories ! Please tell Annabel I send my regards .
    all the best



    • Hi Mike, thanks for getting in touch. Anabel here – I do the admin for the blog so your comment came to me. I remember your face but, as with most of the boys, I couldn’t have put a name to it. I can put at least one name to most of the girls, though not even all of them. I’m glad we’ve brought back memories for you!


    • Hello Mike. I love to hear from people whose memories are awakened by my blog.
      Anabel was pleased to hear from you and remembers you too.
      With all good wishes from Chris Mitchell..


  4. It’s wonderful that you’re writing down your memories. I persuaded my father, back in the 1990s to let me record his onto tape (though these were just for me and my sister, not for the public) and am glad I did. I have all my parents photos, too, (and did my familiy trees), so it’s a whole story now. Rather than putting them in a blog, I’ve already passed copies to branches of my family so that when the younger generations reach an age at which they feel an interest in these things, they will be there for them.
    I’m now following your blog. I love reading about other people’s lives and histories. Have looked through some of your posts and hope to read more in due course. Nice to ‘meet’ you. 🙂


    • Val, You had more sense than l had! I wish l had asked more questions of my ‘forebears’ when they were still around. My sister Annabel and l are the last two of our generation as far as we know. Our parents were both at the young end of large families. Our descendants may or may not be grateful for this blog in future days but after a reluctant start i get great pleasure from remembering things long forgotten. Thank you for reading it and commenting. Although it was started with the family in mind i’m always uplifted to know other readers enjoy it.
      All good wishes, Chris.

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